Now everyone can have a smart car

Cardian connects your car, smart phone and services. It turns your smart phone into a smart driving assistant. And it brings you all new kinds of services that take worries out of driving and help you save money.

Cardian Care

Your connected car lets us know immediately, if you have a problem. And we let you know, what you can do about it – even without a trip to a repair shop.

Your car, smart phone and care services are connected with a Cardian dongle, plugged into your car’s onboard computer. Via the connection you get access to your car data with your smart phone. Similarly, we will receive information, if something goes wrong and can assist you on the road.

Cardian Care includes:

  • Remote vehicle health monitoring and customer service
    24/7 error monitoring and proactive customer support.
  • Emergency call
    Automatic alert of emergency service and people close to you in the case of an accident.
  • Road side assistance and towing
    Help delivered to the exact coordinates of you and your car
  • Maintenance and inspection reminders
    We’ll keep track of your maintenance and inspection dates so you don’t have to.

Cardian App

The Cardian App is packed with useful services on the go. Many of them functional even without a connected car.

Predictive maintenance and cost control

The app keeps track of the maintenance plan and estimates upcoming maintenance costs.

Maintenance booking and offer request

The app knows the techy details of your car and helps repair shops give you solid cost estimates.

Follow maintenance status and keep in touch

Follow the repair and maintenance status, agree on extra works.

Story of your car

Maintenance history and other events saved in one place you’ll find them when you need them.

Road conditions and weather

Warns of sudden slippery and assists in route planning.

Never forget where you parked

The app remembers and guides you to your car.

Fuel consumption analysis

Follow and visualize fuel consumption.

Smart driving assistant

Cardian keeps track of your drives automatically, learns about your driving style and gives you tips to save fuel and drive safer.

Driver coaching

Cardian follows your driving style – accelerations, brakes, speed – and gives you feedback how you can avoid wasting fuel and drive safer.

Automatic drive logs

Cardian logs your drives automatically. Even without opening the app. Later on you can analyse your drives, classify them, separate business from pleasure, and export reports for example for allowance reporting. All very easily.

This is just the beginning

Once your car is connected, the possibilities are endless.

What would you think about 4G powered wireless network on the back seat? Or fuel filling where you could just drive in, fill the tank and drive out, without any on-site payment hassle? What about an insurance where you would pay less, if you drive less than the average, and save money, if you drive neatly and safely?

We are negotiating with many kinds of companies to offer you more smart services in the future.


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